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Recent Pilot's Licenses and Ratings

March 22nt 2016

Jose Garcia, Multi Engine CPL

March 05th 2016

Antonio Pombal, CFI (A)

February 27th 2016

Cristian Montano, Multi Engine CPL

December 22nd 2015

Victor Caracena, CFI (A)

December 21st 2015

Javier Camison, CFI (A)

December 15th 2015

Karens Cvetanovics, CPL (A)

December 04th 2015

Raul Moyo, Multi - Engine CPL

December 01st 2015

Yury Ferreira de Silva, CFII (A)

November 19th 2015

Anatoly Boykov, Instrument (A)

November 19th 2015

Etien Cid, Instrument (A)

November 17th 2015

Gabriel Amor, Commercial (A)

October 29th 2015

Victor Caracena, Commercial (A)

October 15th 2015

Cristian Montano, Commercial (A)

October 12th 2015

Gabriel Amor, Instrument (A)

October 12th 2015

Grigorii Tekuchev, Commercial (A)

September 29th 2015

Jose Garcia, Commercial (A)

September 29th 2015

Helen Brazier, Private Pilot (A)

September 28th 2015

Cristian Montano, Instrument Rating (A)

September 28th 2015

Omar Khalifa, Private Pilot (A)

September 24th 2015

Jose Garcia, Instrument (A)

September 16th 2015

Ruaidhri Meghen, Private Pilot (A)

September 8th 2015

Yuri Ferreira, CFI (A)

August 28th 2015

Carlos Mendes, ATP (H)

August 20th 2015

Juan Martinez,
Flight Instructor Instrument (A)

August 18th 2015

Karens Cvetanovics, Instrument (A)

August 4th 2015

Antonio Pombal, Commercial (A)

July 28th 2015

Alfonso Perez, Commercial (A)

July 21th 2015

Raul Moyo, Commercial (A)

May 24th 2015

Marthijn Over De Linden, Flight Instructor (H)

May 20th 2015

Jose Gomez, Instrument (H)

May 18th 2015

Tarn Dussie, Private (A)

April 24th 2015

Cristian Silva, Commercial (ME)

April 1st 2015

Yukun Lu, Commercial (ME)

March 23rd 2015

Constantin Schoen, Private (H)

March 23rd 2015

Grigorii Tekuchev, Private (H)

March 12th 2015

Tucker Rice, Private (A)

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